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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HGTV Cave House Sweepstakes

Are you a fan of minimalism and modern design?  Do you like natural elements like wood, stone, water and earth?  Would you like a free house designed by the all-star cast of "designers" from HGTV?  Have you been reading these rhetorical questions to yourself, each one progressively louder and more intense than the last?  Great!  Then you'll love the first annual HGTV Cave House giveaway! 

Yes, you shouted that correctly, folks.  For the first time ever, the good people at HGTV are offering a dream home that's designed to be so cutting edge you'd wonder if they didn't just find a cave, zone it residential, and call it a house.  But that's not what they did; they promise!  They really designed and built a cave.  And it has all the design features and amenities that HGTV viewers have come to love.  A modern bathroom, a pool, spectacular views.  It's all there.  And now is your chance to win it for free.

Still not convinced?  How do buzz word like "granite," "repurposed natural hardwood," "stone," and "green construction" sound?  Does it sound good enough to be what you want since everyone else appears to want it too?  Do you feel yourself slowly starting to lose your identity?  Cause it's happening!  Not to fear, though, future contestant!  HGTV is here to rescue you. 

Enjoy these pictures from the exclusive first tour taken inside the HGTV 2011 Cave House.  And make sure you head over to HGTV today and enter for your chance to win it today!  (Don't see the contest on the website?  Email HGTV and demand they bring back the 2011 Cave House!  They'll probably give you some nonsense about how it isn't real, but that's just because they want to keep it for themselves!)


Living Room (note: not to scale)
Built-in Pipe Organ
Indoor/Outdoor Pool
Window off kitchen
Original art by Ungah (the caveman)
Stairs to 2nd floor
Master Suite w/ built in sink(hole)
Master Bathroom/Shower
Original mural in bedroom by the host of HGTV's "Color Splash" David Bromstad
Spacious back yard

Though the house isn't for sale, it was appraised at 1.2 kagillion smackeroos!  We're not sure what that means, but we've already converted all our assests to smackeroos assuming the new form of currency has more value than the dollar.

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