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Monday, October 04, 2010

From the Archives: 3WS Live @ The Side Door [12.30.98]

From 3WS's "Mr. Mustang" show (circa 1998)

Set List:
Got Caught - MU330
Same In The End - 3WS
My Left Toe - 3WS
Out All Night - The Pietasters
Cafe @ 2nd - 3WS
Booze Song - 3WS
Same Old Song - The Four Tops
I Think She Likes Tito - 3WS
Sell Out - Reel Big Fish
Never Again - 3WS


Show Notes:

Recorded December 30, 1998 at the Side Door in St. Louis, MO, this is the only known live recording of the band 3WS that is still in circulation.  A winter storm hit St. Louis earlier that day making many of the streets too dangerous for driving.  Because of that, the band played to a house of 30 people (at most), but were still given the royal treatment of a free meal at the bar afterward.  This was also the first show that Mark Kelly joined the band as "#10," the band's 10th member and backup vocalist/skanker.  Though the band did several shows after this date, this was their most significant club gig in their history, and includes many of the original songs the band wrote in their 2 short years together.

What Happened Next?:

I would go on to leave the band putting #10 in charge to run the show.  The band performed one final concert (where, I have no idea), and then broke up.  Half of the brass section went on to form the band "Hazard To Ya Booty" in Kirksville, MO, while I joined "The Pantry Raid" based out of Columbus, OH.  My new outfit would go on to be featured in Cleveland's "Scene Magazine" and record a full length album and an EP.  Our drummer in the 'hen's nest' moved to Chicago where last I heard he was pursuing a music career as well. 

The band has never reunited since the the glory days of '98-'00, nor have they made any plans to do so.  While it is awesome to entertain the notion of a reunion for the group, you can bank on the fact that it will probably never happen.

Requests:  If any of you out there have any photos or video of the band, and would be willing to share it, please EMAIL ME! I would really appreciate it!

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