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Friday, August 06, 2010

Gone Phishin'

It's Friday, August 6th, and that means Great Scott has left Los Angeles and is en route to Berkeley, CA to catch 2 Phish shows and connect with fellow columnist Desi Arnaz, and The Big Sea, our DJ from the east coast (who just dropped When Rap Attacks this week.  Download it here!).  For you fans that come across this page, I too was heartbroken I couldn't catch all three shows in Berkeley.  Some punk kid ripped me off and then I had to pay through the roof on Stubhub just to catch 2 of 3.  But I think I made the right choice, as the opening show of a tour typically kicks off with standard fare.  Especially on a Thursday.  (really hoping the band proves me wrong though. We'll see!)

It will be exciting to see the band so close to where The Dead made their home, and a mere day off from the anniversary of Jerry's death.  I'm hoping for some major bustouts.  The biggest being Terrapin Station (to mirror what they did at VA Beach in '98), but that is some wishful thinking.  On the Phish side of things though, Daniel Saw The Stone was played the only other time Phish has played the Greek, and I would love to hear it live as I never have.

Either way though, please remember that whatever you're doing this weekend, I'm having more fun.  So suck on that.

We'll be back next week with an update from the weekend.  Thanks!

Great Scott

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