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Monday, August 02, 2010

Bob Weir Lets Grandson Visit Further Festival

Bob Weir and his grandson Little Justin
"When I was your age, we used needle drugs," Bob Weir, the aging rock semi star and former Grateful Dead guitarist, said to his grandson while backstage at Further Festival.  "But you kids these days, you like your ecstasies and your medical grade cannabis, and frankly I just don't get it."  Still, that didn't stop little Justin's mom from forcing the exchange between the embittered old man and the wide eyed mop headed boy just moments after Weir had closed a set with a rousing rendition of Hey Pocky Way.

"After all, he is his grandfather," Betsy Bieber said to reporters who waited just outside the backstage area.  "And since the kid has no idea what good music is, we thought it was important to get him in here at as early an age as possible.  So we drove his quarter-million dollar car here-- he wanted to come alone, but since he's under 18 he needs an adult with him at all times-- and we stopped in to say hello.  And Bob has been friendly as ever."

When asked how the mother would respond to allegations that her little baby boy Justin was dabbling in experimental rock and or roll, she dismissed the idea immediately.  "Jussy knows full well that we like tight 3-chord and 4-chord bubble gum pop songs in our household.  It has always been that way, and it will always be that way.  At least until his voice changes and we get the RV paid off."

Still, it may take more than that antiquated notion to keep her son under wraps.  Late reports are trickling in that lil' Jussy (as he likes to be called) also met with his godfather, one Ernest Joseph Anastasio III last week to discuss "free form jazz and acid rock," something his godfather knows better than almost anyone.  Well, anyone alive at least.

So will this mark a major change for the Biebs?  Doubtful.  It will be years until he tries his first drug or gets his first taste of ass.  Then we'll see what kind of music this kid (or his producers, rather) can really make.

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