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Friday, January 22, 2010

So Long, Old Friend

Great Scott was troubled to unearth this photo from the future, showing Conan as a homeless vagrant with his pal Mankey the Monkey. The photo was taken just 10 minutes after Conan wrapped what many critics believe will be his last episode of The Tonight Show, before it gets begrudgingly handed back to Dimples McChinny. While we here had no previous beef with Dimples, having worked with him very closely for about a year, we can't say we agree with his move this time.

So since today will probably be the last day many of us ever watch the tonight show again, I'd like to take a moment of silence for our fallen comedy hero, Conan Obrien. May he move on to bigger and better things away from the Peacock of Ineptitude.


Super Josh said...

Lol at Dimples McChiney. And I know that NBC will be keeping the rights to some of the characters from Conan's show...I just really hope he gets the keep the masturbating bear.

F.G. Williot said...

No worries friend, O'Brien will rise above the fray of foolery that is NBC, wherever he may go. Leno will bomb this time around, take that to the bank!