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Monday, January 25, 2010

More Bad News For Actors

Earlier today, Yahoo News reported that one of Picasso's paintings on display at the Met suffered a 6 inch vertical tear when an art student fell into the piece. While initial reports claimed she was trying to reenact a scene from What Dreams May Come, still others believe it's the first in a series of post-modern terrorist attacks. We here at Great Scott could not reach any of the top ranking Al Queda officials for commentary, but their motives are clear: be weary at the academy awards this season. Don't buy your dress at Target*, try and thank God AND Allah when you win, and remember that trophies don't make you a better person...ahem, Sean Penn.

On a more serious note however, whoever this woman was that accidentally fell into the painting, save that behavior for the Van Gogh museum in Amersterdam! At least then people will know why it happened, and you can blame space cakes and society's general malaise for your terrible balance.

Interesting question: I wonder if they serve cake in space. I'll call NASA this afternoon.

*get it? Target? Yeah, I know you did. But beating the joke here makes it less funny, and that's how I roll.

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