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Monday, December 07, 2009

so long phall, hello outer space

So fall tour has come to a close. There were many highlights this fall...and in 2009 in general. And while I won't be making it to Miami for the new years run, I matched my highest annual show attendance record this year, seeing 5 shows. Phish has never been more alive, and they've never reinvigorated me and my attitude more than they have this year.

My parents always say "haven't you seen them before? why do you want to see them again." Oh how they missed the boat. It's not about single shows, songs, or songs that get repeated ad nausea in this Phish 3.0 world. It's about that feeling I get. The only I can only seem to duplicate at a show- with my friends, my "family" and the music I love. I wish I could articulate it better, but in some ways, that's what the magic is for me. It's ineffable. And I'll leave it at that.

And with that, I will leave you all with a song, and a glimpse of the new world. Blogging will return to regular less esoteric topics now, but don't worry, I'll still manage to get plenty of the good word in there about Vermont's finest.

Phish- Gone [from the Joy bonus disc Party Time]

and since I can't leave on a somber note, here's some amazing footage of Virgin Galactic. They just launched the commercial space program TODAY. So remember this moment, cause our world is forever changed. To learn more, visit Virgin Galactic on the web, then marvel at the irony that on the day they officially launched the space tourism industry, their website crashed 100 times.

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Super Josh said...

Here's to the boys in 2010, Cheers! (raises bowl of headies and a Sammy Smith) I'm anxious to see what they have in store for us. I hope they take tour to Texas next year. I'll be gone to L.A. by then but I'll have to hit up any Texas shows. It's been a long long time since they did a stop in the Tejas.