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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mistakes in Advertising

"Get off me, Grandma, you're wrinling my XXXXXXL black tee shirt"

Let's dissect, if we can for a moment, the terrible, terrible ad that yahoo runs for their free web-based email* program.

Look at those two people. Now, at first glance, I thought they might know each other, maybe even be related. Or at least they were well cast. Cause that's passable right? A grandmother can keep in touch with her grandson on yahoo mail, cause it's that easy to use! Sure! And a grandson can make a face like he wants to kill his grandmother for hugging him, cause that's what grandsons do.

In reality, it couldn't look more photo-shopped. And who at Yahoo! thought "yeah, they look happy. Let's go with this one." If that's all it takes to be a advertising exec, then Yahoo, here I am. I have seen 1000s of pictures of black people not-smiling, and I really feel like I can fill out your empty ad space accordingly. Additionally, I don't know one single kid who likes his grandma, so I can replicate the mood of the shot- the tone of it- without so much as lifting a finger. Except the one I'll need to fire my predecessor, as this is the worst ad I've ever seen.

*email that gets progressively harder to navigate with each "update." Email that is so terribly bug ridden, it won't even run on a mac! Email that wishes it was gmail, but it isn't. GIVE IT UP YAHOO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

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