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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tongue and cheeks only works if your characters have cheeks. That is, unless you're Zombieland, the incredibly enjoyable zombie-comedy (or zom-com) that hit theaters October 2. Zombie movies are a tough nut to crack. You either have to take it incredibly seriously, as in the case of 28 Days Later, or make it campy enough for audiences to enjoy, like the Evil Dead trilogy. Somehow Zombieland managed to accomplish both successfully, and all in the short time of 81 minutes.

Another thing one doesn't typically expect to see in a zombie movie is fantastic acting. As it happens, the cast of the film was top notch. Woody Harrelson was fantastic, stealing every scene he was in. And that Michael Cera 2 was pretty decent as well (which makes sense considering he played almost the same character in Adventureland (think Zombieland with no Zombies)). I can't say there was much to write home about from the female half of the cast...they were more place holders than anything. But none of that matters when you have Woody Harrelson to carry a picture. I could literally watch that guy shell peanuts and still enjoy it. There was also one cameo (of which I'm sure you've all heard rumblings about now) that steals the entire film in 10 short minutes. I won't spoil it here, but I will say that it makes the movie worth seeing for his* appearance alone.

The film also does some fun things with their title sequence and chyrons on the screen further lending itself to the tongue and cheek nature of the picture. Don't go by the photo about though, that was some idiot online. This marks the directorial debut for Ruben Fleischer though, and I think I speak for everyone here at Great Scott! when I say that we are eager to see what he does next. It's debatable as to if he'll be able to leave the genre (so much of zom-coms are paint by numbers from a directorial stand put make up on actors, have them run at screen and spit blood), but it's nice to see a well calculated film that doesn't squander audience time on the screen. It dives in, tells a story, and we're out. Simple as that. You can't ask for much more these days, though I did hear some complaints about paying 12 dollars for a mere hour and a half of screen time.

All in all, Zombieland is a big screen film with a fantastic ensemble and sharp witted plot line. Be sure to check it out before it leaves your local multiplex.


Here's a fun one: check out the game Zombieland for free! You can play it at work when you should be working. If you boss asks what you're doing, tell him or her to shove it, you've got zombies to fight. Click the link below to enjoy!

Zombieland - Return these abominations back to ground

*hint: I said HIS. So you know it's not a transvestite.

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