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Thursday, October 08, 2009

How I Met Your Mother

I can't think of a photo that's a better misrepresentation of a show than this one. Look at them up there in their all white bathroom, holding martinis, talking on cellular telephones. I bet whatever world that is, it's a pretty awesome one. Too bad they can't move the show there as they do with so many meaningless shows that can't seem to garner a following. "It isn't working on Tuesday at 8, so let's move it to Wednesdays at noon. Now make the entire set white, and ta-da: you've got a hit!"

Instead, How I Met Your Mother returned (in it's normal non-white-room-post-frat-boy-world) in much the same way it has for the previous four seasons*. The only problem: it's not as funny as it used to be, a fact that breaks this editor's heart.

I'll confess: I had never watched the show until this past summer. A friend lent me the first two seasons and I instantly fell in love. Soon after that, I secured seasons three and four, and watched the fireworks explode. Lilly married Marshall, Ted and Robin broke up. No wait they didn't. They did! Barney became my role model for the world, and for any future sons I may have. Point being: the show had character types that worked brilliantly, all woven into a unique and approachable format (think Friends, but told out of order).

Then season five started. Ted became a teacher, Robin and Barney started dating, Marshall and Lilly got bored, and somehow here we all are, still hanging on for the ride.

Now I'm not saying I'll call it quits here, people. There are several pay-offs still to be had in this series (including the answer to the show's title, which seems both closer and more distant with each episode), but I have to wonder what happened during this hiatus to make the show fall flat out of the blue like this. The writing staff is strong, the cast is talented, and the show continues to stay true to form. So what happened?

I wish I could say. In the meantime, I'll keep tuning in and see if I can't put my finger on it.

How I Met Your Mother
airs Monday nights on CBS. Check your local cable box (you know, the one in your house) for times.

*Not the popular hotel chain. To be clear though, a show can't "return" in it's first season, so while I am aware the show is actually in it's fifth year, it could only return 4 times thus far. Just wanted you all to know I'm not a complete idiot**.


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