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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trey Anastasio @ Carnegie Hall

[All photos by Benjamin Slayter / Slayter Creative]

This weekend, many New Yorkers were lucky enough to see a slice of Phish at it's phinest. Trey debuted an entirely orchestral driven show that he one day hopes to take on the road. Reviews describe it as being "life changing," and we here at Great Scott couldn't agree more. Here's to hoping Trey takes this show on the road...

...after a 1000 more phish shows.

My only hope is that they release an audio recording better than the audience feed of the show we've heard here. I'd up the entire show as-is, but the recording isn't great. Maybe Trey will get fancy and release it at some point! Keep those fingers crossed.

Set List:
Set I:
First Tube
The Inlaw Josie Wales
Brian and Robert
Divided Sky
Water In the Sky
Pebbles and Marbles
Guyute Orchestral

Set II:
Time Turns Elastic
Let Me Lie
You Enjoy Myself

If I Could

Trey w/ New York Philharmonic Orchestra- You Enjoy Myself

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