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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Festival 8 announcement!

Earlier today, Phish made some major Festival 8 announcements, including, but not limited to the fact that they will be performing an entire acoustic set- the first in their long prolific career. This almost ensures a "Strange Design" (yes!) on Halloween, but it also sheds some interesting light on the actual musical costume halloween set.

Think about it...if the halloween set starts at 7:30 and the band comes back for another set of their own at 10, then that pretty much rules out the chances of them doing a double album (much like they had done with the White Album in '94). This doesn't do much to help clue in fans as to what that magical set will be, but it has us here at Great Scott leaning more and more towards Thriller, given Michael Jackson's recent passing*.

Either way the weekend will prove to be another defining moment in the bands career. This is pretty far from their home turf, and by the looks of it, tickets are still available. They continue to whet their fans' appetites with new and exciting festival related news, but will the Festival 8 experiment prove a success? We can only hope so, that way the band comes back to SoCal more often!

To buy your tickets to Festival 8, click here.

[an image of the concert field courtesy of the Festival 8 site

*Wait, Michael Jackson is dead? When did that happen?!

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