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Monday, August 24, 2009

Entourage Star poses with girlfriend

Jamie Lynn Sigler posed for photos with her boyfriend, Entourage star Jerry Ferrera (pictured on the right) for the magazine Animal Fair. It's easy to see why Ferrara is drooling...he's got a smoking hot girlfriend who doesn't mind his snout nose and rabies collar. Inside sources say that Ferrera gave his girlfriend fleas, but now that he's taking advantix, that problem should be over soon.

The couple was recently spotted leaving a local Pet Co in Beverly Hills. Sigler was carrying two bags of Purina Large Dog formula, while Ferrara, on leash next to her, carried a tennis his mouth.

Ever the good sport, Sigler even cleaned up her boyfriend's waste after he laid a fresh pile on the sidewalk. A pile of what you ask?

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