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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Daily Render Renders Great Scott

Another friend of Great Scott, The Daily Render, authored by the original DC colonist, Nik Schiller, ran a nice little piece that happened to include yours truly. Having previously worked on Arrested Development, I found this quite amusing. It seems to set the tone for this presidential term in some odd way, as Obama continues to address and fill almost every absurd request our fickle country throws at him. Head on over to The Daily Renderto learn more!

For giggles, here are some alternate posters that hipster could have come up with:

"Hey Obama, how's the tacos?"

"Hey Obama...your mom!"

"Hey Obama, where's your dick chainy*?"

"Hey Obama, bring back Arrested Development...the 90s pop group that had the song Mr. Wendell."

"Hey Obama, nice tits!"

*intentionally misspelled for comedic purposes.

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