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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Waxing about Moon

Fanboys of the sci-fi genre will have a new reason to cream their jeans this month. Moon, a film by Duncan Jones, and starring Sam Rockwell and ... Sam Rockwell, breathes new life into the serious sci-fi genre. This ain't your mother's Star Trek, nor is it anything like 2001: A Space Odyssey, despite the incessant comparisons. Instead, Moon is a character study about a lonely man.

SPOILER ALERT: the movie takes place in space.

Sam Rockwell, who nails this role (and will sadly never be acknowledged with an award for his work), is this film. Sure, it's set in space, and there is plenty of beautiful CGI imagery of what our post-modern-moon-mining existence might be like, but that's all secondary to the struggles of the protagonist. Also, in a sort of ironic twist, the protagonist and antagonist turn out to be the same guy. In an almost Shakespearean way, Rockwell battles himself to determine what makes his life worth living. But instead of literally facing ones' inner demons, he gets to meet his demons first hand in his clone, a man that's as identical to him as is his polar opposite.

I won't reveal too much more, except to say that this film is both eerie and beautiful, adding layer after layer of subtext as the story unfolds. It almost reminds me of a forward version of Memento, as our leading man tries to piece together his broken life not fully knowing what he might find next.

This film comes highly recommended and should be seen on the big screen.

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