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Monday, July 27, 2009

Phish: Wendell Studio Session 6.17.90

Our next installment is a gem. Comprised of studio takes of many popular live songs, this record is reminiscent of the later Bearsville Studios discs that were leaked during the Story of the Ghost recording sessions. A slightly low-fi twinge, but that's what makes these downloads so great: the transition from analog to digital has only added a nostalgic timbre to the entire recording. Track list and download link below.

4 days til Red Rocks!

Disc 1:
1. Dog Gone Dog
2. Uncle Pen
3. Suzie Greenberg
4. Suzie Greenberg (2nd attempt)
5. Caravan
6. Alumni Blues
7. Take the A-Train
8. In a Mellow Tone
9. Possum
10.Mike’s Song >I Am Hydrogen >Weekapaug Groove
11.Rift (Alternate Version)

Disc 2:
1. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >
2. Avenu Malkenu >
3. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday
4. Tweezer
5. Possum
6. Harry Hood
7. Rift (Alternate Version)
8. Runaway Jim


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