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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Phish: Live Joy

Since Phish officially pushed back the release of their newest studio effort "Joy" until September 7, I thought I'd do an homage today by releasing "Joy- the live version" from the front half of this summers tour. Please note that today's download is for sampling purposes only. If you like what you hear, download the entire tour right here for a mere .99 per song!

This faux-collection has been pieced together from several shows on the tour. They are, in my opinion, the best of the best from the tour. And since Phish has baffled me by not releasing Alaska on "Joy," I've added it here to replace the missing studio track I Been Around. I've also added Let Me Lie, from Trey's most recent solo record. It was too large to fit in one file, so it's split into two parts for your downloading pleasure.

Track list:

1. Backwards Down The Number Line [6.14.09]
2. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan [6.19.09]
3. Joy [6.07.09]
4. Sugar Shack [6.07.09]
5. Ocelot [6.16.09]
6. Kill Devil Falls [6.16.09]
7. Light [6.14.09]
8. Alaska [6.18.08]
9. Time Turns Elastic [6.16.09]
10. Twenty Years Later [6.05.09]
11. Let Me Lie [6.19.09]



smartbee1 said...

This is cool idea Scott. Thanks. Just caught the Shoreline show they played Let It Lie for encore. Unlike some folks I talked to, i like this sappy little nugget of a tune.


Anonymous said...

i am also baffled by the absence of Alaska..what a great tune...