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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kid Cudi Pokes Lady Gaga

Big ups to Desmond once again. I love this joint. Plus it manages to sample one of the worst songs ever and actually make it somewhat tolerable: Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."

Now I'm not el presidente of the Lady Gaga fanclub, but I can think of a few other things they could do to her face too. Like tape her mouth shut so she can't sing anymore. Not in a crazy, "I'm a kidnapper" way, but more in a, "for the good of mankind, please, SHUT UP" kind of thing. Maybe that's why she's wearing those huge glasses in that photo, cause what can you do with a woman when you've already told her something twice! Hiyo!

I kid, I kid. I love women. My mom's a woman. So is my sister.

But Lady Gaga did manage to make headlines today for what she was wearing at some snobby event. Not all that uncommon of a theme I am finding out, though just as worthless as I ever hoped it could be. Why is it that we dissect exactly what celebs wear when we all know full well that the clothes were all FREE from a designer to begin with? Shouldn't our beef then be with that terrible designer who selected Lady NaNa to model their clothes? And not to be all 1950s-Cold-War, but if I am offered free clothes I always take them. Always. Something about our primal needs to find shelter (clothes being shelter, once removed). With that in mind, can we even comment on what she's wearing? She did the same thing any of us would do: graciously accepted a bad gift.

Great Scott has also just learned that Lady Gaga plans to travel to the Amazon rain forest to make a set of gloves and a matching scarf made entirely of endangered species. She'll start by killing her first single which is so played out I thought it was already extinct!

For Great Scott, I'm Great Scott, reporting.

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