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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Phish: Story of the Ghost [outtakes]

In honor of summer tour opening this week, I bring you the first installment of phish related downloads.

While recording The Story of the Ghost at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY, the band had several studio sessions and alternate takes. The following gives some pretty awesome insight into their recording process. Hope you enjoy!


Disc 1:
01 Fishman Tune
02 Gordon Tune-Bass Riff
03 Unknown (Possibly Turbo Kicking In)
05 What’s The Use (With Lyrics)
06 In A Misty Glade #1
07 Meatstick (On A String) #1
08 Fishman Tune (Possibly Say The Same For Me)
09 The Cataract Song (Gordon Tune)
10 My Left Toe
11 The Happy Whip And Dung Song
12 Black Eyed Katy-Moma Dance
13 Rebirth
14 End Of Session
15 Never

Disc 2:
01 Sleep
02 Farmhouse
03 Bittersweet Motel
04 What’s The Use (Instrumental)
06 NICU (Instrumental)
07 Water In The Sky
08 Wading In A Velvet Sea
09 Brian And Robert
10 Somanatin
11 Vultures
12 I Saw It Again
13 Ha Ha Ha
14 Tube
15 Guyute
16 Dirt
18 Limb By Limb

Disc 3:
01 Ghost
02 Samson Variation
03 Frankie Says
04 Roggae
05 Shafty
06 What’s The Use
07 Fikus
08 In A Misty Glade
09 Meat
10 Meatstick (On A Sting) #2

Again, you can download all 3 discs here

And keep checking back for Phish setlists as they happen- ALL SUMMER LONG.

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