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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm down with UP

Last weekend I had the chance to take in UP, the newest installment from Disney / Pixar films. Leaving little to be desired, it further cemented Pixar's place as the top tier animation studio in America today. Okay, let's be honest: Korea. But still- Dreamworks doesn't hold a candle to these guys, despite the fact that they pull from the same pool of forced-illegal-labor-at-gunpoint.

The movie was very well rounded though, and not just because it was in 3-D. The characters were very real. Their struggles, ours. Their joys, shared with the audience as much with each other. I'd hate to give anything away here, but let's just say this film is on point with everything Pixar has done in the past, save for Monsters Inc., which may not have been that great a film, but in it's defense, was still visually captivating. And while Monsters Inc. may be my least favorite because it's geared more towards children, UP works in the exact opposite way. I wasn't surprised to see a theatre full of families at 11 AM on a Saturday, but a lot of the themes in the movie were very adult; some moments even scary. So once again, the studio has created a project that spans several age groups and generations, a feat not easy to pull off.

Talk about visually stunning though...UP was incredible in 3-D. You have to see it on the largest screen possible. After all, that's what the film was made for: to display Pixar's ability to not only deliver a fantastic film, but one that left you talking as much about the animation as the movie itself.

This film is highly recommended, and could not be a better summer flick.

BONUS: ESPN, partner in crime with Disney, aired a preview for X-Games: 3-D which was about the coolest three and a half minutes of my life thus far. It will blow your mind open and scoop your brain out and then put sprinkles on it.

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