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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gonzales covers Feist's "One Evening"

A long time fan of Gonzales, and his ability to go from Parisian b-boy to superb classical pianist. (ha, I said pianist.) But this is a great cover, and an awesome introduction to his music for those of you who've never heard him before. And it's a pretty good barometer for his work. A lot of the "classical pop" he released on his first solo piano record, the aptly titled Solo Piano, plays in very much the same way. It's very light and very tight. It moves while still being something of a pure sound, which is almost always likened with classical, hence the genre misnomer.

I've yet to listen to his 2009 release, Soft Power, but as you might imagine, I've heard great things. I'll give it a write up later this week, as it's en route to me now. But from what I gather, it's his deeper exploration of what made Solo Piano so good to begin with: simple sounding music that could not be more complex.

I did a write up of this album back in 2006 (I know, I know, shamelessly promoting my own stuff here, but what can you do? Hustle baby!) and each time I listen to it I like it more. I most enjoy it while cooking, so, you know, suck on that.

Mind you, there were a few glaring errors in that old post, but hey, you can't fault a guy for his excitement over sharing music that's this good with the world. After all, it's 3 years later and here I am, still talking about it! Big ups to my brother Jeffro for finding the remix and getting me all giddy about this record again!

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