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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Bitter Script Reader interviews Dan Callahan

Ever the purveyor of my friends work, today brings you a piece, or series of pieces, from my longtime friend, colleague and cohort the bitter script reader that have been running over the past week. He recently had the chance to sit down with actor-turned-screenwriter Dan Callahan. The results, for you readers with any interest in writing, or anything creative at all for that matter, are nothing short of intriguing.

Those of you not familiar with the bitter script reader, his task is one that seems both poetic and mundane at times: he reads scripts. Sometimes for agencies, sometimes for studios, never for fun anymore (I can imagine...BSR, correct me if I am wrong), but that's what he does for a living. And more often than not, what he reads is pure unadulterated crap. And he shares that with the world, which is what makes me think he's really onto something big. Ha!

The BSR (bitter script reader) updates frequently, and there's always some real truth to be found on his sight, especially for those of us involved in the world of writing. Keep checking back frequently to see what he'll say next!

*Editor's note: I wanted to choose a picture of a pile of scripts, but the google search results that yielded were nothing short of piss poor. So I went with the single script page. And I have to say, if I hired whoever copied this- I'd fire thier shit so quickly. Look at that: double-sided-three-hole-punched and he put it on non-holed paper! Pack up your things, Billy! The dream is over!

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The Bitter Script Reader said...

Thanks for the plug, Scott! I'm glad you enjoyed my interview with Dan Callahan. Hope your fundraiser was a success!