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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phish opens summer tour at Fenway FRIDAY

Beyond booking some of the most amazing venues ever (Fenway, Fox Theatre, The Gorge), Phish also has a new studio album in the works, with the single, "Time Turns Elastic," being released on itunes earlier today (for a full preview of the track, since itunes can't do a 13 minute song justics, visit Phish's myspace page). So far so good if you ask me. It sounds like the break may have given them the clarity they needed to put out another 20 records. Suffice it to say, I'll be eagerly awaiting the July 28th release of their next studio effort, which has yet to be titled.

In any event, it promises to be an epic summer, one which this heartbroken editor may not even get to catch a single phish-related-show. But I'm making up for it with tickets to Phoenix, Death Cab for Cutie w/ the LA Philharmonic (plus New Pornographers and Tegan and Sara), Andrew Bird, and Coldplay. And don't you worry your pretty little heads...if I can get to San Fran to see the show, I will. The thought that I may not see them has me depressed as all hell. So hopefully it will work out!

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