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Friday, May 22, 2009


I can't believe the list of cancelations I just saw on yahoo. Some of them I knew, but some of them were still up in the air and come as quite a shock. Either way, it's a sad day on Gloria Estefan Parkway for Kath Day and her bratty daughter Kim.

What irks me most is the comment on Kath & Kim from the above article (which by the way is listed as being written by Yahoo TV Staff):

Though the Australian version of the show became quite a hit in Australia and both Shannon and Blair were spot-on as the wacky mother-daughter duo, the American adaptation was apparently lost in translation for U.S. audiences as many critics considered it unfunny and practically unwatchable -- something comedies, um, should not be.

Hey Yahoo TV Staff, if that is your real name: maybe it's just me, but using the word "um" in an article, despite your pitiful attempt to be funny, makes you look like you have a limited vocabulary or you don't know how craft a joke. Either way, not good. If you really wanted to stick it to us, you could have easily said:

...something comedies *clears throat* should not be.

That's even a bad pitch too, but it's better than making you look like you didn't even collect your thoughts before you chastised a show you probably never watched to begin with. Why not just leave out the "um" and spare us your editorial candor?

In Yahoo's defense, if the Yahoo TV Staff is just a cover for some beta-tested tv critic robot, I can't squarely place the blame on them. After all, what do robots know?

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