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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Documentary Watch: Old Partner

I recently had the chance to check out the Korean-made documentary "Old Partner." The film is as funny as it is dramatic, as uplifting as it is grounding, as sentimental as it is frivolous (though between you and me, I don't see the Koreans really making anything with frivolity in mind, a notion that seems to translate directly to this film's protagonist: a hard working man who never ever quits.)

Chances are this film isn't playing in your town. But if you're one of the lucky ones that has it (Chicago, NY, LA, Dallas (maybe), Atlanta), check it out. It's highly worth your 10 bucks.

Bring me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca

Front man of the superb underground (for lack of a better word) label Beat Garden Entertainment, my man Zilla Rocca is back with a complete follow up to his excellent mixtape "Bring Me The Head of Zilla Rocca." If your memory needs a freshening, I had the rare opportunity to interview Zilla over at a few months back. Since then, beyond releasing Nico The Beast's "Dinner is Served," he's compiled and produced remix after remix, each one more aggressive than the last. Not convinced? The press release from the record says it all:

In the fall of 2008, Clean Guns emcee Zilla Rocca released the album Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca. Described as, "A loose, funky hodgepodge of battle raps, musings on strip clubs, falling for older women, and reflections on the city of Philadelphia," the album served as Zilla's debut as a solo artist. Shortly after its release, Zilla reached out to several of his favorite producers and asked them to remix each song on the album. Over the course of three months, each remix made its debut on

All of the remixes have been collected into a new album, Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca, with bonus material that has never been released before!

In addition to the release of the mix, 33Jones is also sponsoring a remix contest of their own in conjunction with Zilla's release. Included on the download of the mix are one instrumental track and one acapella track primed and ready for your remix! So head over, check out the contest rules, download the mixtape and create!

Otherwise, keep a mean eye out for Zilla, he's sure to be blowing up on the scene soon. And wouldn't you like to say "I knew him back in the day?"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lucas Held's International House of Relax

We here at Scott's, me I when something comes along that tickles our funny bone (penis). In light of that, allow me to present our newest link: Lucas Held's International House of Relax. On Cool Hand Luke's site, you can find a new cartoon every day. Each one funnier than you.

Luke's page has also made it to our link list on the right, so be sure to keep checking back to see what he does next!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Asher Roth- Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Look y'all, I ain't gonna try and claim I know more about hip hop than ANY of my cohorts over at Passion Weiss, but my boy Jonathan's post covers it all. Check it out here. Seriously, click this link. You'll learn something.

Anyway, this record, in my opinion is both fun and pedestrian. And odd assessment, I know, so let me explain: while I love a good hook (and for the record, hip hop is ALWAYS about the rhythm for me first, emcee second), this record really doesn't really forge any new ground. Lyrically, I've heard my brother spit better rhymes off the top of his head, while wasted. Nuff said. Rhythmically? It's a tough sell. More than half the tracks are catchy, but then again, so was The Lonely Island's Incredibad.

Mind you, I can't entirely hate on this record. Roth is trying doing a good thing here, and that's commendable, if nothing else. He's created a record that may open up the world of "lesser known hip-hop" to more heads by making something so accessible that even my mother could enjoy it. He knows his shit, too. And rightly so for a man who claims that early-era hip hop didn't really get his motor running. Not sure what to make of that one honestly. If you ask me, I'd say 6 or 7 of the best hip hop records ever released came when the genre was but a puppy dog in the realm of aging bloodhounds. Roth, along with virtually anything today seems to just hearken back to the days when emcees had a loop so fierce, they couldn't help but put rhymes over it (I know I'll catch heat for that one, again, not really knowing 10% of the hip hop world my counterparts do). After all, that was the only way said instrumental was going to see a release. And when it boils down to it, whether it be your favorite emcee or an unknown, you know a song by the first notes you hear: virtually void of lyrics and laden with rhythm.

Anyway, I've delved too deep even for myself here, so I'll give it a rest. But I will say this: my love of music, and my knowledge of music theory stems from rhythm. I was trained on piano, taught myself guitar, bass, voice, french horn, transposition, composition and modified arrangement. The only reason I mention that, of course, is to clearly identify that I do know music as a form, and I know it quite well. Whatever genre you may be into, it's always the certain inherent things about good music that keep you coming back. If the rhythm doesn't deliver after 16 bars, call it a lost cause out of the gate. If the rhythm does deliver, but the melody wanes, cut your losses. If after all the instrumentation is done, you land on a lyricist so mundane that it makes Dan Brown look interesting, turn the shit off.

Otherwise, enjoy the second coming of mainstream hip hop, and what it will do for the lesser known (and more talented) veterans of the game who have been making records all along, you've just been missing the ride.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rising from the Ashes: Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus

Following the epic success of 2006's It's Never Been Like That, the French pop band is back with a new record and the same old lovable sound. Make no mistake: this record doesn't forge any new ground for the band, or music at large. Rather, it takes what their last effort did (hands down their best album to date in my opinion) and pushes it even further. In fact, many critics will probably call this record an afterthought companion piece to their last effort, to which I couldn't agree more. But much like when The Strokes followed up Is This It with Room On Fire, you don't hear me complaining!

Frankly, I wish more bands would do this: find a sound that works, then write as many songs as they can in that vein. Sure, it becomes humdrum after a while, but the key is to never let it get to that point. The Strokes were wise. Though their 3rd effort didn't hold a candle to either of their first two records, they would have only faced backlash had they done the same thing again. Critics are fickle bitches: they want you to replicate the exact same sound they loved so much without it becoming mundane or overdone. This is a very hard task to live up to, so let's hope Phoenix takes that cue and mixes it up next time around. Knowing how well they produce pop music (both the band and their label Astralwerks), the only place they can go is airborne. And maybe I've hit on something there as a collaboration with fellow-Astralwerks-artists Air could yield some awesome results.

Either way, this record is a great listen, and only leaves you wanting more. My suggestion: put the disc on repeat that way you don't have to get up. Or better yet: use your iphone remote and just start it from the top, as you sit on your couch, immersed in table wine and Camembert cheese.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IMDB gets a facelift

Hey everyone! So I finally took the leap and added photos to my imdb profile. A big step as I'll be doing my first batch of commercial mail-outs in the coming weeks ahead. Exciting, isn't it?

Just thought you might want to know! Head over to to check it out for yourself!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stop motion with wolf and pig

As described by the artist himself: At first I photographed stop motion animation. And I displayed the photographs in my room and photographed it again. Enjoy a connection with the world of the room and the world in the photograph.

This was also included with the video, though I have no idea what it means:


But I didn't want to post it without it. It's probably the title in Chinese? Japanese? I'm an idiot?

Either way, one heck of a cool video, and something that I'm sure took hours and hours to make.

Friday, April 10, 2009

10,000 HITS!

"You've come a long way baby." - Virgina Slims

I couldn't have said it better. 10,000 hits. It's quite a feat. And chances are almost 5,000 of them have been mine...but at the same time, the counter was added in 2006, so we could be well over 10,000 by now. Either way, it's an impressive milestone for the little blog that could.

I wasn't sure what I was really doing when I started this thing. As you can see in my faux-mission-statement above, it was nothing more than a class assignment at first. But then, something about sharing the most intimate details of my life made me want to keep writing. So I did. And a lot of times, it was crap. A mere 'log' of my life at that point, since those years were without a doubt the foggiest of my life. But at the same time, this blog has changed a lot over the years. Now we cover everything from entertainment and politics to sports, pop culture, comedy and and music. Call it a mosaic of the shit I care about. I'm glad a lot of you have stuck around. And I know the further along I get with this, the better the site will be.

So keep tuning in, keep checking back, keep your head up, and enjoy the next 10,000 hits worth of posts. If it keeps at this pace, by 20,000 hits I'll be 32 years old.

hahah. Fuck.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Great Scott: Divided Guy @

Greetings friends! It's that time again- a time where I shamelessly promote my writing that has somehow managed to find a home on the internet. Head o'er to Passion of the Weiss and check it out!

Otherwise, happy early zombie jesus day!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Some Words of Wisdom from Ben Affleck

No, no, I'm not kidding. To be quite honest, I actually really like the guy. Always have. Good Will Hunting was the film that made me realize I wanted to move to LA and make entertainment my life. And his role in that film? Well, it's hard to say any man can't relate to it: a broken, grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side day laborer with a heart of gold, unwaivering dedication to his male friends, and with a willingness to settle for structure in his life over happiness. We've all be there. Recently, Affleck was interviewed in Esquire magazine, and what he said really hit home with me. Hope you enjoy:

My experience with becoming an adult is, you come to this place where you see that you have this set of beliefs. And you run up against things that kind of defy that. You get into a situation where there isn't one simple answer and all the arrogance, all the surety of youth is either thrown back at you or is fucked up and very hard to manage, and it's impossible to know whether you did the right thing or the wrong thing. It's about being disabused of this idea that there's a stone-cold right and wrong. The guy makes this choice, and he's trying to correct himself from another choice he's made, you know, the way we do, where we get reeled along, when it's a little out of control, one thing you did piling on top of another. You have to reckon.

Well put, Mr. Affleck, and especially startling as I realized yesterday that I, too, am getting old.

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!