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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interviewed by an Idiot: Douglas Martin of Fresh Cherries from Yakima

Well folks, despite my lack of posting recently (perhaps correlated with the fact that I recently made my television debut on Kath & Kim (check out to watch, episode title "Celebrity")), I'm back with another very serious interview over at Passion of the Weiss, one that promises to change the face of American politics and our people's general social gravitation.

OK, so it does nothing of the sort. But it is worth a read! Also, for more on Douglas Martin, check out his page here, at Fresh Cherries from Yakima. Aside from being a musician that thinks outside the box, he's also one heck of a writer, personality, and taco truck enthusiast. But then, who isn't.

1 comment:

douglas martin said...

i'm one heck of a writer AND personality?


also: goddamn, i love taco trucks.