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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dinner is Coming...

We're just a few days away from the release of the highly anticipated mix tape by Nico the Beast, entitled Dinner is Served. Note the baller press release, and keep those ears up when it drops, these cuts here are sick. My butcher couldn't do better, like, for serious.

We at Beat Garden are gearing up to release his second solo offering in under a year, the new mixtape Dinner is Served Vol 1. Much like his debut LP, last year's No Beast So Fierce, the Beast is quickly solidifying himself as one of the elite MC's on the planet, period. I'm obviously biased, but I think after you hear the new project, you'll come around.

Dinner is Served Vol. 1 drops worldwide on Monday February 2nd at as a free download (physical CDs are available as a limited pressing, but if you'd like a copy, we can mail it to you ASAP). Here's a couple choice tracks we want you to hear:

"Underground Kings (prod by Alex Wood)" Nico the Beast f/ Reef the Lost Cauze, Nex Millen

Underground Kings mp3

"Nowhere in a Hurry (prod by Zilla Rocca)" Nico the Beast f/ Side Effect, Zilla Rocca

Nowhere in a Hurry mp3

"Fight to Survive (prod by Rhythm J)" Nico the Beast (based on Muse's "Knight of Cydonia")

Fight to Survive mp3

So give the tracks a listen, and download the record on Feb 1! Peace!

Friday, January 23, 2009

links of interest

this is pretty awesome...check Yadi Box. Scroll down about 40 percent of the way, and read the column on the right. There's my work! Interviewed by an idiot, syndicated on another site! How exciting!

That's another. I couldn't create a hyperlink on this one for some reason. But for this link, highlight, right click, copy, and paste into a new browser window. Once the page loads, scroll down about 90-95% of the way and you'll see a piece I wrote about SNL some time back, once again, syndicated on another page!

Crazy how this web works, eh? It's like first I'm nowhere, and then I'm all two places at once!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Judgement Day

As many of you know, I'm not one of those flag waiving democrats that think the world is saved now that we have a new president. If anything, we're still in the same place we were, and things will get worse before they get better. Obama has one heck of a task ahead of him. But that doesn't mean I'm not hopeful for the next 8 years in American history (let's face it, he'll get 2 terms). I'm just a little worried about Obamy is all.

Where I grew up (the fly over states), there are a lot of close-minded people. People that hate gays, women, all races, religion, etc. And they aren't afraid to be vocal about it, or worse. After all, we've seen some of the most influential minds in the world have their lives cut short because some coward didn't agree with their stance, and had no rational idea of how to enact change of his or her own. It may be fucked up, but it's true.

So while many misconstrue my apathy towards today's proceedings as un-American, it's not that. That couldn't be further off. It's really that I worry for the guy. That his idealistic notion could get him into trouble with people who don't want change and progress. I'm talking about the people who were chanting at the McCain and Palin rallies, calling for Obama to be hanged. The lone woodsman who hasn't seen a black person in power, much less on television, in their whole life. The disgruntled gen-Xer who assumes he could have been president if they let this guy in. I'm not sure where it will come from, or why, but I just have a bad feeling this time around.

So while I revel in the fact that progress was made for this great country (although, let's face it, it either would have been a black president or a female vice president, either represents change regardless of what party you align with), I also know it comes with a cost. I sincerely hope nothing happens to our president, and I keep his family in my heart and mind. I hope you all do as well, because despite how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement, the reality of the situation sets in today: we have a new president- one unlike any we've ever seen before.

God Bless America.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Scott: Interviewed by an Idiot

Hey gang! A flurry of blog activity recently, all being capped off by a new piece I just had published today over at Passion of the Weiss.

My new column, still under the name Great Scott, is entitled "Interviewed by an Idiot," the goal being to interview new, young, and influential people in the music world. I have a feeling it will gravitate around hip hop for the most part, but who knows! This is only the beginning!

My first subject was Zilla Rocca, a man, a myth, a legend. You can check out his music in the post below, or head over to Passion of the Weiss from the link above to read the full interview.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zilla Rocca is a heavyweight contender

Zilla Rocca is back with a dope cut after his latest mix tape. This track, highly worth downloading and sharing, is as fresh as it gets. Give it a listen, then try to tell me otherwise.

"The Contender (Zilla Rocca Remix)" (dowload link below)

The Contender (Zilla Rocca Remix)

Zilla's commentary on the track:

"Had to do something to this track, one of my faves off probably my favorite non-hip hop album of '08."

To download the mixtape, "Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca," follow the link below:

Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca

Also, stay tuned for my extensive interview with Philly emcee Zilla Rocca later this week. I promise you'll enjoy!

Friday, January 09, 2009


is back! Try and catch them on their tour this summer. Dates and ticket information can be found at or in the list below.

Hope to see you on tour!

Phish in 2009:

06/04 - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater - Wantagh, NY
06/05 - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater - Wantagh, NY
06/06 - Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
06/07 - Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ
06/09 - Asheville Civic Center - Asheville, NC
06/16 - Fox Theatre - St. Louis, MO
06/18 - Post Gazette Pavilion - Burgettstown, PA
06/19 - Verizon Wireless Music Center - Noblesville, IN
06/20 - Alpine Valley - East Troy, WI
06/21 - Alpine Valley - East Troy, WI

Visit the online ticket ordering system right here and make sure to pre-order soon. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Jan 30.