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Monday, October 06, 2008

Kath & Kim

When Lewis and Clark set out to 'discover' the western half of America in the 1800s, no one had any idea what they were in for. Sure, there were the journals of other explorers, their past failures and successes detailed to the last drop of blood. And, granted, they had the knowledgeable native guides to show them a land they already knew better than we ever would. But no one knew what the next 6 months held in store for those two guys: Lewis and Clark.

See, that's the great irony of America. We live in a country that has been 'discovered' several times over, each time with more acclaim than the last. First the Vikings. Chris Columbus. Then we settled the west with what we called manifest destiny. Today America is it's own version of a blown out reality show, where virtually nothing is unscathed and nothing needs discovering.

That is, until this Thursday when NBC premieres the Reveille produced Aussie-import Kath & Kim, starring Molly Shannon, Selma Blair, John Michael Higgins and Mikey Day. The series, originally born out of a sketch written by Gina Riley and Jane Turner followed a dysfunctional mother-daughter duo through the course of their disillusioned scope on life. Kim, lost in her own sense of self, and Kath, reinvigorated (or so it would seem) by a gentleman caller in her life's second wind.

The newly adapted American version follows the same format, but has been adjusted to fit American television better, a move that many imports could take a cue from (sitting through that first season of the U.S. Office was like pulling teeth).
Rest assured, however, that Kath&Kim US is much stronger out of the gate than any import thus far (and just as funny too!) But somehow, there's already been a critical backlash, with many reviewers citing that it doesn't hold true to the Australian version.

Whether or not these critics have firm footing to stand on, I don't know. But I will say this: neither Lewis nor Clark had any idea that the Louisiana Purchase would become larger than our original thirteen colonies. And many people resented the notion at first. After all, it took almost one-hundred years until people even considered moving to our western territory, and now it's home to America's greatest modern export: entertainment. Point being, you really never know where you're going to wind up until you give something a chance. It seems to have paid off for this great country 200 years later, and I have a feeling Kath & Kim will have the same impact on the programming block. Something new, something that forges ahead to places we never thought television would go. Something, that for once, isn't just your run of the mill program.

Working on this show with it's talented writers and cast, it's producers and amazing crew, I'm too closely married to it to voice how much I like this show. So I'll let you be the critic. Tune in to NBC this Thursday @ 8:30 PM EST to see what all the fuss is about! If you're as much of a comedy fan as I am, you'll be like Pavlov's dog every time 8:30 rolls around every Thursday.

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