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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fat Kid Episode 1

Greetings fellow blog readers and pop culture fanatics. Today I come to you with a groundbreaking new show. Oprah called it 'edible.' Joan Van Ark dubbed it, 'a show worthy of me getting a sound bite.' All jokes aside, this is the co-creation of Jeff and Liz Astrof. The series centers around Peggy Fatasse, a self conscious girl who is always judged and held back by her weight. Which, by the way, is no small feat, given her size. I mean lets face it, if this girl came at me, I'd cower in fear. Not so much because of her size, but more so because if animated characters ever come to life, you can consider me 'checked out.' I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit and you know I ain't messin' with that shit. Not-uh.

Anyway, in the otherwise stagnant world of animation today (save for my eager hopes and dreams for HBO's new series "Tim"), this is the only glimmer of hope we have left. Make sure to tune in for future episodes, interviews with the creator, and jello shots! (I can't promise the interview or the jello. The economy sucks.)


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