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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hazaa for the Shopkeep!

Arpil of 2007, I starred in a short horror/comedy called "The Paranormalists," produced by those fine young cannibals at Tomorrow the World. Since it's completion, we've been selected to the Dragon*con film festival in Atlanta, GA.

For more details on the film, simply click these blue words.

For specific info on my film, simply click these eerily similar blue words.

Thanks in advance to everyone on our crew, my talented co-stars, and the producing/directing genius Matt Bolish.

Finally, for showtimes (of which there is one), simply click these additionally similar and additionally eerie words. Please note that my film is in a non-block screening, falling on Day 2 @ 5:30 PM. Our film will be shown in conjunction with one of the only features showing at the fest: Red Victoria.

If you're in Atlanta over labor day weekend, head on over and check it out. Location and hotel arrangements can be found by, you guessed it, clicking these itty bitty blue words.


The Tomorrow The World Staff said...

Awesome man, very awesome. We've has the chance to speak with some of the folks running the fest and they seem like pretty cool guys, so I suppose that says something.

Oh, and I believe we have a poster for you?

The Tomorrow The World Staff said...

Scott, thanks for the shout out...we've been trying to comment but things are crazy on our end. And we DO have a poster for you!