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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Burger Time for Kanye West

Earlier today, it was announced that Kanye West would be co-opening a Fatburger Restaurant in Chicago. Read the full article here. Greater Chicago-land area residents should be jumping for joy that the formidable chain has made it's way from California to the midwest. These burgers are superb. Arguably the best fast food burger I've ever eaten, as noted in my LA's Best write up just last year.

As you can see by the screen shot above, Kanye has his work cut out for him, having to assemble several burgers before the salt shaker or egg crosses his path and he meets his most certain doom. And don't even get me started about hot dogs chasing you around (how the phallic driven theme of weiners chasing you got into a kids video game is well beyond me). Yet somehow I don't think this will be much of a problem for Kanye, as he continually boasts his blue-collar youth. I'm sure flipping burgers is a sight none too familiar for him. Kudos, Kanye, you got your real job back. And this is eerily reminiscent of Greg Garcia's (the creator of My Name is Earl) stint at Burger King flipping burgers during the strike. Who's next? Michael Jordan already did McDonalds, and Jared conquered Subway, so we're running out of places where these former-greats can find a home.

change points to dollars

In any event, this seems to stay true with Kanye's career thus far: taking something that is extremely "pop" and taking it to some strange new height. In this case, he'll take full credit for introducing Fatburger to an entire new audience of already fat people. That should end well, with Kanye sitting in front of a federal grand jury, swearing, under oath mind you, that he is the living incarnation of the "triple king burger." For those of you keeping score, that's 3 1/2 pound patties and three slices of cheese. Or maybe they're pound patties. Either way, yuck. But the plus side is, they'll hang your picture on the wall so everyone can see just how hideously obese you once were.

Now, if only he could figure out how to get Daft Punk on the jukebox, he'd have another #1.

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