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Friday, April 04, 2008

the boys of summer

No, not baseball players, I mean the boys of summer the Don Henley song. And I know what you're're thinking, but what about that poster there, the one that came from some 8 year old kid's room in Watts (the kind that looks like it could be a biggie and tupac spray painted tee shirt...or one of those boxing tee shirts where mayweather beats whatever whitey's name was.)

Short long of all this...? Quite simple actually. It's summer, and your cable provider has been giving you a week of free MLB Extra Innings programming. It wraps up after today, so if you haven't already, visit your dvr and ask it for baseball. It should comply, as robots do what we say...most of the time.

I'm on a half day today, and working tomorrow, so I'll be brief. Yep. Enjoy this photo as if I were a star.

Now, I wasn't aware of this sexytown, or that I'd even run for Mayor, but apparently I won. Go me.

Go me yourself. Happy weekend!

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