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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Failing Upwards, Episode 4: Elevator, The Ride!

Hey everyone...I've been mad busy on my new gig, working with Feldman and Haim. Details later, as that's an entire post in and of itself. In the meantime, the guys over at Tomorrow the World have completed the 4th episode of their hilarious web series Failing Upwards. Check it out!

Elevator: The Ride

Also, stay tuned for another guest post over at Passion of the Weiss. My most recent one which covers the current state of reality TV can be found by by clicking the link here.

Hope you enjoyed them both!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tomorrow the World @ Funny or Die

Things just keep getting better for the guys at Tomorrow the World Productions. Aside from the aforementioned films Matches and The Paranormalists (starring yours truly), they created the fantastic smash web series, Failing Upwards.

Yeah, we all knew that Scott. What gives?

Well, now you can find Tomorrow the World at Funny or Die, the monster e-comedy site that has had the whole world talking. Check them out at Funny or Die by clicking here.

Stay tuned for future episodes, and a chilling account of what it's like to work on A&E's series, The Two Coreys as that's my new gig.

Yes everyone, I'm back in reality TV. Hazaa!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Enjoy the third installment of the already outrageously hilarious series, Failing Upwards, brought to you by the good folks at Tomorrow the World

Touchy Feely

Stay tuned for more episodes soon!

And keep checking back for new blogs...they'll be back soon!