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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I no want trouble, I just want free tibet

The Dalai Lama was once quoted as saying, "Even when you lose, don't lose the lesson." Pretty damn profound stuff. Well, in this case, I am hoping for the lama's sake, that he forgets everything this guy told him while they hung out. Or wait, is that the guy from Frank TV? Nope, nope...too skinny.

Me Pretty, me take career seriously

In an effort to have her taken more seriously, Jenna Jameson, former porn star and jerk off session to every male american, has revamped her look so that she can obtain more legitimate work outside of porn. Now, I'm not really sure what was wrong with her look to begin with...

...but I can't wait til her ghost-written autobiography comes out explaining WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!! I mean, this is Jenna Jameson...hottie. porn star. over tan grandmother. she looks like a leather carry all...her armpit could be the handle...I mean jesus christ. SICK ass shit.

tell me you've seen this

You'd think she would have cried more over her Oscar performance...or was it the Emmy's she used to host? Either way, this pretty much cemented the fact that Ellen has lost her way, en route to becoming the white Oprah sooner than we all thought. I do give her sympathy, it's a terrible situation, and even worse for the kids that felt the fall out from it, but for christ sake. Cry alone in your office, like everyone else in hollywood. It's not that hard.

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