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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NS goes big time in DC with ESL

While I admit yesterday's post was a bit malicious, I stand by what I said, and am more than willing to rebut anyone who'd like to challenge any of the statements I made. With that said, I didn't even do Emmy night justice...I just couldn't. It hurt too much to see my industry, my trade, my life TRIVIALIZED by Fox. So I'll leave it at that, and just going on in quiet contempt.

Today brings us joyous news however, as DC based artist (and long time pal of mine) Nikolas Schiller made a major move in both the art and music world. You might recognize the name Nik Schiller. I sure do. He's my friend. But you might as he's become one of the most active people in the DC area, championing small business against Wal-Mart, creating unique cartographic imagery through tessellation, and being covered in the press for years now as "DC's Colonist." (note the tri-corn cap)

And beside all of his political conquests, and his collection of maps on file with the library of Congress, he's entered new ground pioneering his art in the music world. Just recently, Nik inked a deal with ESL records for his artwork to appear as a sleeve for a vinyl remix they released.

Not only is this awesome news for him, but it also means that you too can own a piece of his artwork for your wall for the mere cost of 8 dollars. Better yet- it comes with music too! Obviously by this point, the vast majority of anyone 'in the know' is aware of Thievery Corporation, but the other DJ, Nickodemus, who's recent visit to LA I documented on this very blog, also remixes a track.

Everyone here at Scott's Blizzog wishes the best for Nik in his future endeavors, but more importantly- we're glad to see that his efforts are paying off already!

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