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Friday, August 17, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

In case you live in a rock. And no, not under one, but actually inside a, I don't know, some feldspar or something...

what was I talking about? Ahh yes...the rock people. Well, these guys aren't rock people, they are people that rock. And if you don't watch this show, do yourself a favor and check it out, cause it's down right hilarious.

visit them on the world wide web at Flight of the Conchords or on HBO's official site right here.

Sunday night, new episode. And obviously, after seeing the above clip, you can imagine how stoked I was when I got word that they were renewed for a 2nd season today.

Don't be gay, sparky.


Anonymous said...

People People, Paper Paper
Paper Paper, People People
People People, Pencil Pencil
Pencil Pencil, Paper Paper
Put the pencil to the paper
Give the paper to the people
Let the people read about the sellotape
Oh, baby baby, yeah

this show is a hit my first love of a show since arrested development


The Tomorrow The World Staff said...

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The Tomorrow The World Staff said...

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The Tomorrow The World Staff said...

So we've been having some trouble with the website...and blogger as well i guess. Anyhow, check out our new site for the latest and greatest Paranormalists coverage...awesome.