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Thursday, August 23, 2007

NBC breathes new life into American Gladiators

You can't even imagine the elation I felt when I read in Variety today that American Gladiators could very well make the mid-season schedule for America's favorite '#4 in ratings' network. Running on fumes? Apparently...This is the newest-old show to be resurrected making it the biggest mistake since the second coming of Christ, and the renaissance of Family Guy, otherwise known as poop-show.

This time though, it just feels right. And I know what you all are thinking...why would I watch this show? Well, save for the roid-ridden, brain-dead, post-op-tranny muscle heads, there is only one reason: Assault.

Defamer ran an article about the show today, but they only had a clip of the opening credits...perhaps searching for humor in the hollow eyes of gladiators past. In reality though, there is no joke here. My guess is that Nitro and Gyro could come back today, bigger and stronger than ever.

Or hey, maybe they have kids and they'll play on their father's behalf. Oh...wait, wait...too many steriods means too much sterility. So no babies for Gyro.

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