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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Chipmunks or the end of Jason Lee's Career

Sure we're all familiar with the epic Chipmunks movie we all watched as children. It was fun, frivolous, and a part of our youth.

Back then, movie's didn't have to make sense. They could just be. These days, kids movies- across the board- are made as much for adults as they are for the children who pull on their father's pant leg until he finally caves and takes them to see it.

After all, these weren't the days when shows and games that are nostalgia today, were made into movies. No, those days came about 15 years later, when apparently Hollywood ran out of ideas, or realized how to make more money doing less and less. Either way, it's basically the same.

And while most of you would think, "hey Scott, that sounds a lot like you...doing as little as possible to make as much money as one can." And you'd be right if you said that, as that's exactly who I am. And in my mind- that's exactly what American's aspire to be. Minimal effort, maximum payoff.

But it's not that simple. It never is. Idealism has no place, especially in entertainment. And today, this year of our Ford, 2007, we have franchises like The Chipmunks to blame for the rapid deterioration of pop culture. We get shows like Best Week Ever and The Soup that take events that happened JUST THIS WEEK, and replay them. What, is tivo not enough? Did you not want to watch the show, you just wanted to get the jist of it? There's a name for someone like's called an American.

In light of that, Hollywood has once again decided to breathe new life into something that was and is long dead. This Christmas, we get to enjoy Jason Lee along side what I am guessing will be CGI characters with butchered voices- packaged and ready for a whole new generation of children who don't know any better. Sadly, there is nothing I can do now, but watch Earl and his career go down the shitter, as Jason Lee decided this would be a good move. Wholesome, surely, but whatever happened to the days of Brodie in Mall Rats or Chasing Amy? Apparently that man has died. And in his wake, from his ashes, has emerged a phoenix...but in this case, it's really more of a pidgeon.

Besides, anyone who really knows their roots will know there is one and only one Chipmunk Movie And that movie can never be topped. Especially when it features the holiday children's classic, "Christmas Don't Be Late."

Now all we can really pray for is that they don't make this new movie into a video game, or revitalize the television show for a new generation. Keep those chipmunk paws crossed my friends! Together, we can stop this thing!

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