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Monday, June 11, 2007

Scott Towler, Ghost Rider

oops, I mean writer. Yeah, there we go.

I know I mentioned this on myspace, and last week on this exact blog (!), but I will be scribing a blog post for my friend's page, this wednesday, June, 13. His page can be found in my link list on the right. His site is called Passion of the Weiss, and he reviews pretty much any and all good music out there, while at the same time covering the LA live concert scene (though pretty much just Silver Lake and Echo Park..yeah, that's right Weiss, you hipster). His writing is also featured in such online zines as Stylus Magazine, and Rap-Up where he's a regular contributor. In fact, that Rap-Up link there is a feed of a lot of his recent posts there. The Stylus review I listed...if you scroll to the bottom, you can link to other albums he's reviewed.

Anyway, this wednesday I make my debut there, and I hope you'll come give it a read!

Also, if you're looking for fun today, check out my roommate's blog post from today, it's a stitch. And yes, I am Hot Dogs.

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