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Friday, June 01, 2007

jetta commerical in training

Call me crazy, but I love this song. It's such a poppy, fun, silly, frivolous hit. I haven't heard anything else by this guy, and I'm sure that this song has been all over the radio, but I just stumbled upon it last night.

Bear in mind of course, that I don't listen to the radio. So this was a hard find for me. And when you listen to it, it's a bit too poppy even for me, but it's just so catchy I can't resisit it. I equivocate it to the 21st century's version of "How Bizarre" by OMC. Remember that song? Me neither.

And I really liked the song a lot more until I saw the video. Now I think I might change my mind.

While I deliberate my feelings, enjoy this video and feel free to scoff him, me, whatever.

Happy friday kittens!

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