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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clark and Michael

Web shows, webisodes, youtube, and buzznet. What does all of this really even mean?

Well, nothing until recently. For those of you that missed the initial online craze of Nobody's Watching, the Bill Lawrence helmed (Neil Goldman/Garrett Donovan co created) sit-com, then you're well aware of just what this internet does.

Recently, there was a new fixture in this ever growing chandaleir of excellent online content: the Happy Madison Produced Gay Robot, a pilot that never saw the light of day, but got room to breathe online, attracting several viewers, and proving just what kind of internet audience is really out there.

Today marks the beginning of what should become a major sociological shift to online content. One such series, dubbed Clark and Michael is not the first, but certainly the strongest 'intended for the web' shows that should take this country by storm. Starring Michael Cera, of TV's Arrested Development fame, and his best friend Clark Duke, the series is a breath of fresh air in this otherwise dying comedy market.

Please take time to watch the show, and remember- it's a series, they'll have new episodes every week! So make sure you keep checking in on them to see what they're up to.

I'll add the link to their page to the link them some love!

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