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Monday, October 23, 2006

in a little while...

Sorry I've been away so long. There's been so much going on, coupled with immense lethargy after the wrap of my most recent gig...and when those two start hanging out...well, we all know what happens: drug abuse, chronic alcoholism and mental dementia. Ha, I kid. Really what it means is that this lovely 'life-log' takes a less important role in what I do on a day to day basis. Sorry to be that way, but well...who am I kidding, I'm talking to myself, so who really cares.

The point is that here I am, I am back and writing to you (ergo me) again, and with much to say! Last time I wrote, I believe the Cards had just clinched against the Padres. Since then, we went to 7 (my prediction) with the Mets, and just squeaked by. Now, on the world stage, we stand 1 and 1 over a questionable pine tar handed former country singer's fried chicken ass hole! Detroit, for shame. You wanna win, at least use steriods...they're less obvious (did I really just write that?), and they taste better. Besides, like I need to warn any of you about the horrors of jerking off with a hand fulla pine tar. Lets just say the word superglue won't even do it justice. Although, I guess the other side to that coin, when using the juice, is that you'll just plain rip it off.

Ok, pine tar ain't so bad.

10 Items or Less finally came to a close, in a less than dramatic fashion. In fact, I spent my last week (of what I thought would be a cake walk) busting ass as hard as I did the 4 or 5 previous. I literally was spending 10 hours a day on the road, driving all over this goddamned city, but never actually leaving! You can only imagine how frustrating that must have been. Well, you're right.

I sit here, at 3 pm in LA and a bum, a female bum at that, is picking through trash cans outside my window. Only in LA (city or state abbrewviation accepted here).

Anyway, by the time 10 Items came to a close, I was so fucking done with that show I could almost taste it. And I think that the EP's I worked with knew I was mentally checked out. I mean, cause quite frankly...I can't drive in this town all day long and not poke a little smot. It just won't happen. There is too much traffic, I am too sressed out all the time, and without it, I'd either have killed someone by now, or been killed from running my mouth to someone with a gun.

So the stuff does have it's merits! And lets get rid of those 'parental advisory' stickers too! Yeah! USA!! USA!! USA!!

Sadly, I'd never beat Brock Obama and Oprah Winfrey...but then, who will? Perhaps they'll travel to the future, win, and then come back, win again and kick their old vote count's ass! Yeah, that'd certainly be the only way.

So after 10 Items closed, I worked a weekend on a short film some friends, and DU alums, were producing. It actually landed me a small role, and I got to manage properties and playback continuity, etc. Things like that. No one really realizes that you can shoot and shoot and shoot til you're blue in the face and out of money...but if that coke can in the one shot you wanted was different than all of the rest of the scenes, then it was for nothing, cause it will be forever flawed. There is so much that goes in to so little it's absurd.

That following monday and tuesday (we're into last week now), I worked on an HGTV pilot called Buy It. It was fun. A whole sleuh of people I'd never met before, so it was a great way to make some new contacts, and even some new friends. Ok, contacts. Whatever. That's just the LA word for friends. Everyone uses everyone. Get used to it. The trick is how to play the, I don't know... be genuine and real and don't succumb to that BS. That's what I did and look where it got me! Bright Lights, my name in a marquee, and millions of dollars and boobs.

After that show wrapped up I took a few days off and just sort of hung out. Scheduled some extra work for myself, and today, as of 1:30 PM, I am proud to say...

I am 100% SAG elegible!

And it feels great! Actually, it feels the same, but I was glad to get that last voucher out of the way, and finally be able to make the leap if and when I decide to. Not that that was an obstacle or a hurdle, but it was something I wanted. To prove I could. Now that's done with and I'm in the door. Just wait kids.

3 games in St. Louis...will this be the end of my season?

Was 2006 really the year of the Scott?

Can Powdered Toast Man save Ren and Stimpy before it's too late?

Find out next time on: SUPERBLAMO! Or was it SUPERB LAMO!!

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