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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

no hand outs

When I think back on school and all the levels I've conquered (this is videogame metaphor people, so stay with me), the bosses I've fought, lost to, learned their ways, battled, and then finally eclipsed, have come and gone. And in a nostalgic sort of sense, when I think back about the way things were, all I can think is: man, we got screwed. I can trace it all back to one thing; one thing that derives from another: a period of time in our education called 'busywork,' wearing a tiara of 'hand-outs.'

Ah yes, the everloving hand-out. Fill in these blanks, circle true or false, match column A with column B. Its all a bunch of bull shit if you ask me. Like, what were we doing all these for? Does someone, somewhere, have a file of every hand out I ever did? If so, can we go back to that social studies quiz I had in 7th grade and correct the answer I put when the teacher asked "What's the capitol of North Dakota?"

I said Bizmarkee.

Nope, turns out he didn't bite.

I don't know why I thought of this out of the blue, I just hated hand outs cause its like asking a teacher to turn on cruise control. I didn't learn from them, and neither did they.

nuff said.

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