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Thursday, September 21, 2006

album of the week- week eleventy-twelve

My Morning Jacket - Z

This week's love (thanks david gray for the catchy first 3 words) comes to us from My Morning Jacket. I have a lot to say about these guys, so bear with me, if you please.

Let me start by saying that my knowledge of these guys, this sound, this scene...well, its all very remote. As far as stuff like this typically goes, I just wait til I hear a really great review of the album, sample it, and then if I like, buy.

Yeah, no shit. Its called everyone ever.

Ok ok, but the point of all this is that typically, this whole LA indie sound gets really annoying. Everyone out here is trying to be hipper than the next, listening to shit that is so esoteric that its borderline crap. Where is the fine line of difinity?

I'll tell you where, in each and every person. We all make the choices we do on our own, or so we would think. In reality, its some derivative of what our parents look like, what our friends look like, and the culture that surrounds us. Classic nature vs. nurture situation. We're a product of our environment, plain and simple.

That being said, I didn't want to fall in line with all the indie kids when I moved out here. Cause I looked at these people, clustering them all together, and all I could think was: I live in a city full of posers.

Which leads me to the end of this obnoxiously long-winded forward, by saying that because of my persception of those people, I've never been on the up and up of indie music. So, suffice to say I am what seems like years behind the rest of the world, just now listening to this band, and instantly becoming obsessed like so many already have.

My Morning Jacket...god, just the name is awesome. I see this wonderfully vivid images of my father running over hill and knoll somewhere in maine in the middle of october. Its 6:03 am, just after dawn, but the light has yet to crest the valley. Each stride ever more difficult, he slices through thick layers of fog, plastered to the pastoral landscape as if it were a Paul Coronoyer painting. He doesn't feel the moisture, for his arms are shrouded in layers of light weight breathable poly-cotton blend with pattented collar. Yes my friends, I am referring to none other than the genuine members-only jacket.

And that was my J Peterman for you.

Getting to the music though, (told you I was going to blather on. Yet you still read. What's wrong with you?) these guys really have it together. Relative major 3rds and 4ths and 5ths traversing 3 instruments...really textured sound...a variety in their sound scape so eclectic, you'd think you had a mix of 4 or 5 bands. This album has it all folks. There are also a few tracks that have the rum-pum-pum feeling to them, almost like a sea shanty (chanty? shantee?) or being at the big top. It feels light, frivolous, fun, but the subtle genius stares you in the eye the whole time.

Basically, this album is a Salvador Dali painting, appreciating with every second I lend my ear to it.

Normally I would suggest a similar artist/genre for you folks to chew on, so that if you were nervous about getting your feet wet, or making an impulse buy, you'd have firm ground to stand on. I mentioned before...that's kind of hard to do here. But let me see if I can try.

In no alphabetical order of any way

The Kinks
Operation Ivy (see, I told you so)
The Wrens
The Grateful Dead
Beta Band
Uncle Tupelo
The Who
The Ramones
Social Distortion
Sonic Youth
Pavement (but more harmonius...where pavement found beauty in dischord, this achieves the opposite)
all that brit shit

and I could go on and on and on. For a masterful display of what they can do,

Download: It Beats For You

Rating: 9 / 10

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