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Thursday, August 31, 2006

hollywood's worst kept secret

Well, it should be no surprise by now, for you people in middle america (think: pauly shore, Son in Law). Never has there been a larger cover up in all of hollywood than the "I swear, I'm not gay. America, love me! I did Saturday Night Fever!"

Or, the more recent one..."I'm trapped in the closet!"

Now, I know I've told a lot of my pals back home all these hollywood conspiracies, and no one believes them. Ever. And I can't say I blame you. Hollywood does a good job making people think that things are a certain way.

Well, hopefully this will serve as the first of many "See, I told you so" moments. Not to be rude like that, but more so because everything is not always as it seems...

kind of like this...

or one of these...

I can't see magic eye photos, so someone tell me what it is. And I wanted a Where's Waldo photo for you guys, but they are tough to come by. So I give up.

But hey, won't it be fun when Tom Cruise is outed next? Then we can have more magic eye's and highlights magazine!


Alex Slack said...

its two people, but i cant tell what they are doing.

i was a master at those when i was younger.

Stereo DDD said...

If you can't see these, you may try to use online tool which reveals magic eye pictures via animation - (scroll page down)