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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the age old question


So often in life we ignore what really matters. Trains exploding in India, genocide in Africa, AIDS in general, and of course...who was a more viable superhero: Super Pickle or Banana Man?

I know, I know...its seems as if the two can't even be compared. But I can remember, as a child, being in posession of both a banana man toy and a super pickle doll. Err...boy-doll. Shit, I am fucked here. Not a doll. A dolly. Wait, that's worse.

Anyway, I've done a lot of deliberating, purely based on the vague memories i have of even owning one of these things.

I can remember being about 7 years old and going with my mother to a toy store in Atlanta. This store had lime green walls with a more kelly green colored counter tops and trim. It was as if the purchase of super pickle was meant to be. And I may be slightly off about the details of the exact shop, but its a vivid memory for me, and I know I left that store triumphantly with a super pickle "toy."

I guess my biggest problem is that Super Pickle actually is a pickle, where as Banana Man was actually a man who was banana themed. Yeah, we all know what that means. Plus super pickle had this awesome cape and these little arms. And they didn't put stuffing in the arms, so it was like this firm pickle thing with these droopy arms that were striped white, blue, and red-orange.

Ok, this blog post is going boystown rather quickly. And in retrospect, it does seem a little odd that I had to phallus themed toys as a boy. Perhaps it helped shape who I am today: a chronic masturbator.

Anyway, now I am going to start my pursuit of finding a new super pickle plush toy (there's the term I've been searching for) as soon as possible.

And as far as the age old question about who was the better superhero? Well, I don't think either of them really ever did anything but helped some asshole at matel make money, so I'm gonna say this:

Super Pickle wins because Banana Man took himself too seriously. I mean, look at him up there. Flying through space like he's buz lightyear. That ass. Superr pickle just kicked it in hhis animated world with pickle girl and hung out. That seems more like me, so that is what I am saying.

Anyone else got a toy they remember from childhood? A good Teddy Ruxbin story? Add a comment, share it with the world!

1 comment:

Cati said...

Go and secure your Super Pickle, Scott, courtesy of Ebay. Your beloved Super Pickle AND Mrs. Pickle are both available for the rock bottom price of $10.99 each.