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Friday, June 02, 2006

contribution: resolution

So, 2 days ago I left a query at the end of my post. No one responded. No biggie. Didn't think anyone would, or if they already knew, then they didn't need to impress me. I mean, I'm just one man after all.

Anyway, I asked about our monkey I named Dishes. And he was purple.

The answer stems from a Simpsons episode where the teachers are about to strike and Ms. Krobabple is speaking at a rally. Bart shows up in the back of the crowd and says, "Skinner says the teachers will crack at any time."

AS the words get passed, and quite frankly, so true to human muddles and changes. Like the game telephone. And of course, in every classroom game of telephone there is one dick head or bully who messes it up just to mess it up. So by the time it gets to Ms. K, the person says,

"Skinner says the teachers'll crack at any time, purple monkey dishwasher."

pure genius. Thus our purple monkey got the name dishes.

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