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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am a white person...

Its official. I didn't know it before, but then I go to get my laundry and there it is.

See towards the middle to upper right hand corner? Yeah, it says white person. Before there was a rush sticker over it and I removed it...and why were they rushing? Cause I'm a white person.

How absurd is that? In one of the most diverse cities in the world, where even I am a minority, they still rush for whitey. Probably because we white people have figured out how to get all the free shit we want in life.

I can tell you...

do you want to know?

complain. Even if they do it correctly. Complain. You looking at a guy who should owe Adelphia 120 this month...but what's our bill? 36 bucks.

cell phone? no worries. they make millions in overages, they'll practically hand you 25 off a month if you keep complaining about dropped calls. (Oh, and btw...dropped calls...such a conspiracy...sure a few calls here and there get dropped...but no where near the volume these companies think. I have made a point to be honest and only call when it actually happens, but the rewards are plentiful).

Now, I'm not one to give up all the trade secrets...after all, its sort of weighed entirely one direction and that's totally not fair. Why does my receipt say this? Why are some people treated differently than others? Why is it so damn awkward to wash and peel a cucumber?

Racism. Well, maybe not the last one. Although for the brothers out there- you might be able to relate. I know I can. I speak street. And what's street for whitey got a big ole dong? I think the term is Napoleon Someblackparts. Ok, I'll stop. (even if it is true.)

Anyway, it always strikes me as funny because there is so much racism that goes on in the world...and for where I live (a mostly gay neighborhood of all races), I didn't think it'd be as prevelant here. After all, there are black people that are natives of France, China, Mexico, and Argentina. Ooh- and Australia. So is one more equal than another? Did someone tip the scales a way long time ago only to make it progressively worse and worse over time (even though in our minds we think we are making progress?) Is this life- this existence- really just some experiment in a petry dish somewhere in the sciene lab of time?

No way to tell. A million to wonder. Anyway, what I started to say was...I still see just as much racism here, in downtown (west) hollywood as I have anywhere. Ever.

And in its own twisted way, you know what's really refreshing to me, as a white person, carrying guilt from our divine western world of a thousand souls passed? Reverse racism.

Today, while driving to the beach to do my morning run, someone was honking like mad in grid iron traffic. This car of black guys next to me looks over and assumes it's me, trying to cut them off and get in their lane. It wasn't. It was no where near that. But they assumed, they yelled, they threw gang symbols and shit at of them even pointed a finger, like a gun, and went 'click.'

And even though it was the middle of the day, even though there was nothing to be done- AT ALL...I had a feeling. A feeling like a life experience just occurred and that I should be thankful to have experienced it.

Often times I walk into little bodegas only to find myself the only english speaker in a room of tejanos or mexicans. So I switch to spanish and converse. It blows them away. They, like so many others, just assume we don't have any idea what they're saying, and since we aren't willing to learn [as a culture], I wait longer in line.

So be it...sometimes lessons come quickly and in small packages.

"Even when one loses, don't lose the lesson."
His Holiness, the Dali Lama

below is a pic of my and our former purple monkey who we aptly named dishes...can anyone guess why? The answer revealed tomorrow! Peace and love- ST

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