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Sunday, May 28, 2006

album of the week- week 6

Gonzales- Solo Piano

Good luck finding this one in the U.S. If you do, it will be probably 40 bucks to buy. However, if you've got itunes or you ever visit the site
  • Boomkat
  • you can check out what I am talking about...anyway, without further ado:

    Wow. This album is a special one. Thig guy, Gonzales, whom I had never heard before this album, is one hell of a musician. Especially if you jutaxpose this album with the bulk of his work. He's what Europe calls a B-boy. A beat maker. And as far as I am concerned, a cheesy beat maker. Point being, I don't dig a lot of the guy's other work. Any.

    But this album is a stand alone classic. For those of you whom I've already shared this album with, you know it's magic. It has the capacity to make storms swell, women swoon, and make marijuana work. Wait, marijuana does that.

    And there's no lie in the title either...its really just Gonzales playing the piano for about 50 minutes. And yes, to the untrained ear this will sound somewhat like music we hear our grandparents listen to...but it's magical. Maybe its just special for me cause I started on the piano, I don't know. But the piano went through somewhat of a rebirth in much of 2004 and 2005, returning to rock music, and recreating that whole rhythm feeling that we had all but forgotten about.

    Here's the amazing thing: this album accomplishes those same things on its own. No vocals, no other instruements, no nada. It's just a grand piano doing what it does best. I'd also like to cite, for you musicians out there, that there are a few moments in this album where the music evolves and the payoff chord or progression comes in (the one that either binds the other segments or is a derivation of them going the opposite direction (ie: a bridge))...but those moments, even for me, after listening 100 times, still give me chills.

    This album is hauntingly good and perfect for any moment. My suggestion for LA residents...listen during rush hour and watch the traffic melt away.

    Rating: 10 / 10

    2 tens in 2 weeks? Could we be so lucky? What will next week have in store?

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