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Sunday, May 14, 2006

album of the week- week 4

The Go Find- Miami

I'm not sure if this is one guy, or a whole band. It wouldn't surprise me if it were just him. In any event, this album falls into one of my favorite categories of music- a genre as new as whatever Postal Service single that comes out. Yes, I'm talking about the seamless blend of what feels like pop music with the wonderful sounds of electronica. Don't be deceived though, this isn't an electronica album in the least. Its more of an exploration of how to use that sound within an entirely different genre. It enhances instead of dictates.

The highlights of this album are the two songs that bookend it. It seems that The Go Find knows how to start and knows how to finish. The stuff in the middle however, tends to all run together. I love this album, I really do. But I'm not afraid to tell you that its got its flaws. The disc is perfect for background music- when you don't really care what you're listening to, but want something pleasing. Its also perfect twilight music.

One of the reasons I really relate to this music is because I can see myself in this act. This album feels like it came from a guy that was destined to make 1 solid album. And this is it. I am a musician myself, and I know the feeling of wanting to just get 1 disc out there. You don't have to be as prolific as the beatles, but you want the world to know you've got some writing talent...even if it's just 13 tracks- once. That would be enough for me, and I'm confident The Go Find is the same way, seeing as this album has been out for 3 or 4 years now, and they've got nothing in the works.

Overall, this album will impress you for the first 50 or so listens. After that, the repetitive nature of it may get to you.

Download: Over the Edge

Rating: 6 / 10

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